​​هر که طاووس خواهد          جور هندوستان کشد

This is a proverb in Persian language which says: “One who desires a peacock, should suffer the long and difficult journey to Hindustan!” (Please note that this proverb has remained in the language for centuries, back to the time when traveling from Persia to India would take months or even a year.)

“Peacock” in Persian literature is a metaphor for seductive beauty and hideousness at the same time. It could be an allegory of life in India; sweet and sour.


I fell in love with India from the very first time that I arrived in Mumbai, it was love at first sight with all consequences!

My husband and I decided to educate ourselves in the experience of living in India, so we moved to India and we have been living in Pune since October 2018.

Living in India is good and bad, easy and difficult, pleasant and painful, promising and frustrating.

Life in India is extremely real.

I am mesmerized by alluring aromatic mogras and parijats, and simultaneously feeling sick because of the nasty smell of urine and septic waste water on the streets.

The sound of green parrots, gray hornbills, and singing of bulbuls hold me spellbound, whereas endless noise of loud horn grows me impatient.

This extreme contrast, variety, and diversity is the most attractive reality that I have found in India.




These objects are collected during exploring, roaming around, getting inspired, and sometimes hurt in different cities of India.

This provided collection of objects and my artworks represents the swing of pendulum of my feelings between pleasant and unpleasant.

Please have a look at this “Peacock”!




February 2019, Mumbai